Delhi Winter Portraits

Peanuts roasting,

And endless cups of tea,

Coax her frozen fingers,

To sing again,

When her voice is lost in the fog.


A large-footed boy,

Braves the winter chill,

His bones stiff,

With taut skin drawn over,

Too thin to keep him from shivering.


And under layers of wool,

Shivers his body,

With its icy heart,

And prickled skin,

As he looks for light in some corner within.


4 thoughts on “Delhi Winter Portraits

  1. Exquisite! Almost like extended haiku in its starkness and apparent simplicity! Just compellingly elegant. I want to thank you for following my “Randa Lane…” haiku blog and let you know that I am following yours as well, based on this one gorgeous poem.

    With Respect and Admiration,

    Ron —

    • Ron,
      I thought I had replied to your kind words weeks ago, but it looks like my reply never got posted.
      Thank you so much. I think it’s an art even to write such beautifully articulated comments and I must express my respect and admiration for you just for that, in addition of course to your poetry, which has continued to inspire me to experiment, write and share. So thank you!

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