Last words


I can’t hold myself up anymore.

I’ve fallen. I can’t get up. I can’t move. All my force has left me. All hope has left me. There is nowhere left to go.

This time, even my imagination has failed me.

I am lucky. I have many things to be grateful for.

But I am also tired. So tired. I am prepared to die right now. Right here. In this fallen state. In this void.

I am devoid of feeling.

I have no strength even to call His name. I pray He will take my tears as my offering. They are all I have left after this long, arduous journey. They are the only part of me that still move with life. The only proof of His infinite creativity left in this body, now quickly transforming into a crying corpse.

My tears are my greatest wealth. They contain my ecstasy. My despair. My joy. My sorrow. My loss. My pain. My bliss. They contain my stories. My very own stories. My stories. The greatest treasures I possess.

Let my tears join the oceans. And let the skies weep with my stories. My stories. The stories of humanity. The stories of existence. Let them bleed into your stories as your stories bleed into mine. And you will cry my tears as I cry yours. Our tears, coursing down the cheeks of this lifeless form. Take them, O great waters! There is nothing left in this body. This empty vessel now belongs to Time. Let it be transformed into the clay of the Earth once again. And let it be the womb of a new spring.



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