I’m losing sight of myself slowly, As every question, Laced with well-meaning advice, Has started filling me further with doubt. Do I know who I am? What I want? What I’m capable of? What purpose I’m here to serve? Time is scarce, they say, Don’t waste it, Listen to us, we’ve seen far more than […]

Whispers from a Path Untrodden

I may never have a time to shine, A golden time that’s truly mine, I might have no laurels to show, Except for what I know. Except for what I know. Except, For what I know. I know what is, I know what’s true, But to you, I will never be able to prove, My mettle, my […]

Birth of an Artist

Flecks of silver light Adorn the taut canvas Dancing on stubborn pearls of black Dripping To mourn a chapter closed. Slimy, fluid wetness Payne’s grey Flashing on the wall Brings memories rushing Soul-crushing A relentless torrent of grief. And in its midst She remains untouched Thrust in a battlefield Of catastrophic emotions Yearning for release. […]